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Lanzarote Real Estate

Why real estate in Lanzarote?

Choosing real estate in Lanzarote is choosing to live in a very special place. Lanzarote was formed 18 million years ago and, with its almost three hundred volcanoes, has been declared a biosphere reserve in its entirety by UNESCO. In addition to the moon-like landscape, Lanzarote has many beautiful and different types of beaches, of which Costa Papagayo is a fine example.

Besides nature and beach, Lanzarote is also known for sports. Wonderful hiking trails, mountainous mountain bike paths, green golf courses, triathlon (Iron Man) competitions, diving among underwater flora,...

If you prefer things a little quieter, you might like to take a boat trip among the dolphins and discover the 'La Geria' region. Here, you will find many different vineyards where they produce delicious Malvasía wine.

Lanzarote is a quiet and less touristic island than, for example, Tenerife. Artist César Manrique has ensured that houses here have their typical authentic look. All houses are white with blue or green windows and no higher than 4 floors. Because of the typical white houses and low buildings in Lanzarote, you are sure of your investment. In Lanzarote, you don't have to worry that your property will drop in price because of an oversupply of houses and flats due to yet another new development or the massive high-rise buildings like on the costas.

Choosing real estate in Lanzarote means investing in a sun-sure destination. Throughout the year, the daytime temperatures average 20 degrees, so that in winter you can stay comfortably in your home. This is also the reason why even luxurious flats or houses in Lanzarote usually do not have heating.

In addition, you can rent out your house or flat in Lanzarote all year round, if you wish. Depending on how often you want to go and where you advertise, you can expect a rental income of between 33 and 45 weeks in a year! In Lanzarote, you can therefore count on a return on investment of at least 5%.

Due to the continuous rental potential, the market attracts investors, which is reflected in property prices that have remained fairly constant throughout the years and crises without any major fluctuations.

It is as Shakespeare knew so many years ago: 'I would give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground'. Real estate is always a good investment, also because you can have a lot of fun with it. In our blog you will find more information about how attractive it is to invest in Lanzarote.